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Custom Metal Fabrication Services

We provide Custom Metal Fabrication for a wide variety of applications, products, and services. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet your needs. Our services: Tig and Mig Welding Prototype Development Aluminum and Stainless Steel Fabrication Rolling, Bending, Shearing, Forming, and Machining Learn More About Lux Metals If you’re interested in our custom metal

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Threading done in full-service machine shop

Full-Service Machine Shop

  Full-Service Machine Shop in Santa Rosa Our customer oriented and highly skilled machine shop team can produce top quality products that are difficult to match. Our goal is to provide unparalleled service. At Lux Metals, we offer a wide variety of metal services and have the experience, skill, and expertise to handle any job

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Santa Rosa We produce Sheet Metal Fabrication for both low and high volume production. Sheet metal can be used for a variety of applications including duct systems, kitchen hoods and metal countertops, exhaust systems and more! Producing durable and cost-effective products to fit any of your home or business needs.

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Water Jet Cutting Services

Water Jet Cutting Can Cut Virtually Any Material A water jet acts like a saw and creates a narrow and accurate kerf in the workpiece. Our large 48” by 96” water jet cutting table features a full CNC water jet. Contact Us About Our Water Jet Cutting Services Our large CNC water jet can produce

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Custom Metal Countertops & Sinks

Stainless steel is a low maintenance material that is great for countertops and sinks. For your custom metal countertop project, when stock products just will not do. If your project requires a unique fit or style, contact us to get it done right. Contact Us About Your Custom Metal Project If you’re interested in a

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Custom Restaurant Work Tables and Kitchen Pieces

Stainless steel is a low maintenance material that will not rust or tarnish and is great for use in any kitchen. When stock products just will not do for your restaurant’s work tables and kitchen features and you require a unique fit or style. Contact Us About Your Custom Metal Project If you’re interested in

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Sheet Metal Cutting, Bending & Threading

Custom Sheet Metal Processing in Santa Rosa, CA Sheet Metal Shearing, Bending, & Threading Provides accurately sized and shaped sheet metal to meet your specific need. Bending Sheet Metal This workpiece is in order to form flanges, contours, curls, seams, corrugations, and other geometries. Shearing Sheet Metal This workpiece which is a cutting process for

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Welding Repair

Metal Welding Repair is a vital cost-saving service. Welding repair of stainless steel and aluminum will get your equipment up and running again while avoiding complete replacement. Repairing broken components in the field requires mastery in these areas: Cutting and removing failed components Preparing new part or joint Welding new components and clean up Contact

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Stainless Steel Hardware Supply

We supply stainless steel hardware to companies and residents all over the area. Whether you are looking for bolts, nuts, washers or more, we offer a wide variety of accessories to meet your exact specifications or structural requirements.

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Metal Supply & Metal Sales in Santa Rosa

We supply metal for use in a wide variety of commercial and residential projects. Sheet Metal Flat Bar Angle Iron Tubing in Aluminum, Stainless, and Steel; both square and round. Contact Us for your Industrial Metal Supply Needs Choose Lux Metals for your industrial metal supply needs. We can handle just about any size or

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