About Us

In 1973 Wade Lux founded Lux Metals. Wade was a long time tin knocker and consummate inventor. He also had a unique talent for making the impossible possible. He made his mark by not only producing sheet metal components, but by also working on his many inventions and prototypes.

In 1992 Clyde Wiggins came into the picture with an eye towards the future. His vision: broaden the scope of work, never turn down work large or small, and buy a time clock. Clyde first expanded projects to include custom and production fabrication for several of the industry leaders in the tech, food and manufacturing industries. He also decided to delve into prototype development for those same industry leaders. It worked.

In doing so Clyde opened the doors for Lux Metals to make the jump into high-end residential fabrication of products and parts such as Countertops, Kitchen Hoods, Backsplash wall panels, and numerous other items that were not production or prototype development items, they were just one-off pieces that someone asked him to make. Clyde’s secret to success is not complicated. Increase versatility, watch your pennies and spend 14 hours a day working on your dream, piece of cake.

Our Mission: 38 Years of Excellence

Lux Metals has never had one focus on one product or customer. We take pride in helping our customers achieve an end result that exceeds their expectations. We take pride in the simple fact that if others say it can’t be done, stop by here first. Don’t throw out your idea or throw away that part until you see us. I bet we can make something work. We’ve been doing it for 38 years. Lux Metals has had offers to become a production facility, and we turned them down. We have had offers to work under contract for the government, and we turned them down too. Lux Metals has had many offers for many reasons to change the scope of the company.

From material supply to custom residential projects to commercial mass production, Lux Metals takes care of our customers.

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