Welding Repair

Even with the best care and attention, machinery eventually breaks and falls apart. And replacing equipment, especially specialized equipment, can get expensive fast. So, rather than replace broken machinery, why not repair it with our metal welding repair services. We can perform welding repairs both at our Santa Rosa workshop and onsite.  

If you do need welding repair, it’s important that repairs are made by a reliable, experienced welder. This will ensure that the welds made are strong enough to hold during the machinery’s use. An improperly executed welding poses significant risk. These risks can affect not only your project’s success, but also your and your employees’ safety. And this is especially true for industrial applications where equipment takes quite the beating. At Lux Metals, our welders have the experience and skills to perform a strong, sound welding repair to make your machinery good as new and give you and your team peace of mind. Plus, not only are our welds structurally sound, but they are also seamlessly integrated into the original appearance. 

Welding repair gets your equipment up and running again while avoiding complete replacement. For over 38 years, Wade and Clyde have been providing the Santa Rosa area with excellent workmanship, brilliant expertise and exceeded expectations. From one-off repairs for gates and fences to structural repairs for equipment and heavy machinery, trust Lux Metals for your welding repair services. Call us anytime at 707-546-1821 or complete this form online for a project estimate in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County or the greater North Bay area. 

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