Metal Countertops

Learn more about our custom metal countertop services.

Department of Fish and Game

We created custom stainless steel countertops for a commercial kitchen for the Department of Fish and Game in Fort Bragg.

Outdoor Kitchen

We helped build out this gourmet outdoor kitchen and BBQ complete with stainless steel cabinets, as well as a custom countertop and sink.

Gourmet Kitchen

We built this gorgeous L-shaped stainless steel counter with a built-in, custom-shaped sink with beveled edges for optional wireless drain rack.

Outdoor Kitchen for Entertaining

We collaborated with the homeowner to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen, perfect for parties both large and small. The radial counter maximizes the amount of kitchen surfaces without expanding the footprint of the kitchen.

Restaurant Kitchen

We built this stainless steel kitchen for a local restaurant to give them more workspace and storage space.

Commercial Lab Worktables

We created this large, custom stainless steel L-shaped worktable for a lab in San Francisco to give them a sterile environment in which to work.

Custom Kitchen

We collaborated with the homeowner to create this beautiful custom kitchen for their historic Santa Rosa home remodel. It features one-piece stainless steel counters and backsplash with a built-in farmhouse sink.

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